Take a breath before seeing what Cristy Solis looked like in the ’90s when she fell in love with Marco Antonio Soli

Christy Solis Today she is a successful businesswoman, as well as the wife of Marco Antonio Solís. And although she still looks splendid today, that’s how she looked when she met the love of her life. Cristina Salas is her original name, she is Cuban and the 90’s marked her life. At that time, she began her modeling career and also, thanks to her work, she met the vocalist of “Los Bukis”.

Wedding. Source: @cristysolis

It was in 1992 when they began their love relationship, and just a year later they got married. Together they had two daughters Marla and Alison. By the time that Marco Antonio Solis he meets Cristy, he came from an arduous divorce with the Mexican singer Beatriz Adriana, with whom he had a daughter, and apparently it was his infidelity that gave the couple an expiration date. With Beatriz Adriana, Marco Antonio had various problems, such as not being able to see her daughter for 20 years.

Cristy Solis she was always very beautiful. To this day, she owns her sportswear venture called “Salas Activewear”. And she really enjoys accompanying her husband everywhere, spending time with her daughters. She also does some film and photography activities, a great passion that Cristy has always had.

Cristy Solis in the 90s. Source: Instagram @cristysolis

In the 90s photo, Cristy was about X years old. She can be seen with straight bangs, very fashionable at the time, and also with an eyeliner that was a trend at the time. Without a doubt, Cristy was already stomping, and those qualities were the ones that conquered Marco Antonio Solis.

Marco and Christy. Source: Instagram @cristysolis

To this day Marco Antonio Solís and christy They are prepared to celebrate their 30th anniversary, which is this year, and apparently they will do so at the same time on their new tour called “Qué ganas de verte World Tour 2022” which is still taking place.