Take a breath before you know how much the engagement ring that Rusherking gave to China Suárez costs

The Chinese Suarez He is living his most romantic moment. Since she has been dating the Argentine singer Rusherking, she has been able to see her very happy, even more active in her networks, and in her professional career. Rusher’s support for her in all areas is notorious.

To show your love and spend some time in intimacy, rusherking and China Suárez spent the New Year in Mexico, a destination that is already the second time that they find them together and in love. The couple opted for an incredible luxury hotel, it is “La Casa de la Playa”, a boutique hotel with suites, a spa, and a pool with a window down.

But in addition to being surrounded by luxury, Rusherking took advantage of the occasion to give his girlfriend a special gift. He filled the bed with chocolates and flowers. While China Suarez She proudly filmed her surprise, what most caught the attention of the followers was a small water-green box that pretended to be a ring.

Apparently that was the case, and the couple, having already said on several occasions that they want to get married, would have committed themselves. Through user research, which does not overlook any detail, it was concluded that the ring in question was a magnificent jewel from Tiffany & Co. Without good, the design cannot be guessed, and China Suarez has remained reserved about it on her Instagram, users came up with their theories regarding the possible presence of a diamond in the exclusive jewel.

China Suárez’s ring cost rusherking about 700 dollars, that is to say about $576,632 Chilean pesos. Without counting the cost of taxes and the rest of the gifts that completed the romantic surprise. Apparently this couple is going from strength to strength, and they are already planning a life together, even despite the age difference. Rusherking is 22 years old and La China Suárez, 30.