Take a breath to admire the beauty of Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” in her human version, according to artificial intelligence

“Beauty and the Beast” was one of the best-known animated films in the world, after its premiere in 1991. The film soon became the icon of the Walt Disney company, telling a story that involves a charming princess and Pretty, who tries to break the spell of a prince turned into a horrendous beast. But, no matter how much he is recognized, currently one of his characters returns to real life with the help of the artificial intelligence.

This cinematographic gem was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, who managed to portray a plot full of magic, along with the charm of their characters. In addition, he had a great animation job that led to “Beauty and the Beast” to be nominated for the Oscar award in the category for Best Film, being the first of its kind. Despite being a timeless story, it is once again a trend because of Bella who was portrayed in a realistic version, thanks to the artificial intelligence.

How it looks Prettyaccording to artificial intelligence?

The magical essence of “Beauty and the Beast” still endures over time because, more than 30 years after its release, it continues to captivate both children and adults due to the themes it addresses. Among them we find a new version of the story, released in 2017, performed by real actors , led by actors Dan Stevens as The Beast and Emma Watson as Pretty. But on this occasion, some Internet users took advantage of a artificial intelligence that brought an important character to real life.

Thanks to Midjourney, a tool for artificial intelligence to create images, it was possible to find a real version of Pretty, without leaving aside its characteristic features. The iconic character of “Beauty and the Beast” is shown with charming facial features, with amber eyes and dark hair adorned with a weigher. The truth is that this representation was liked by several fans and Internet users of this Disney princess.

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Currently, robotics and computing have grown by leaps and bounds, which ended up giving rise to the well-known artificial intelligence. Although it has various uses, it is much more effective as a tool for entertaining people, as was the case with Pretty. Likewise, for the most curious, there is also the possibility of trying it on other characters from “Beauty and the Beast“.

Source: Pinterest