Take a deep breath before knowing how the incredible kitchen of Camilo and Evaluna Montaner’s mansion turned out

Latin singers Evaluna Montaner Y Camilo Echeverry They are in the media spotlight due to the non-binary education they have decided to give their first daughter named Indigo. This is the topic of conversation on social networks where fans and relatives give their opinion about the upbringing of Ricardo Montaner’s granddaughter.

The truth is Eva Luna she tries to stay off topic and concentrates on her career and her intimate life. The daughter of montaner She is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than 20 million followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements and publications.

For them Eva Luna He shares postcards of his international tours, his trips, his family moments and his love with Camilo. In one of her most recent interactions on Instagram, she showed the remodeling of the kitchen of the mansion that she has in Miami called ‘La Colmena’ and impressed his fans.

Evaluna and Camilo’s kitchen. Source: instagram @evaluna

The House of Camilo and Evaluna It has two floors, spacious rooms, balconies with terraces overlooking the garden, swimming pool, and a huge living room. The kitchen is separated from the rest and has a vintage style with white subway tiles and blue cabinets that combine with stainless steel appliances.

it was the same Evaluna Montaner the one who shared this postcard in her stories and placed a blue heart emoji next to it and wrote: “Home”. It was their fans who made the material go viral and filled it with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting the couple’s good taste in decoration.