Take a deep breath before knowing the important sum that María Luisa Godoy spent on a dress

Chilean television presenter Maria Luisa Godoy, has been the center of attention in the media after being seen wearing a haute couture dress in a meeting with the mayor of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato. The dress in question has a value close to a million pesos, which has generated a stir on social networks.

Before jumping to conclusions about the cost of Maria Luisa Godoy in your outfit, it is important to consider a few factors. First of all, the dress in question is from the renowned Chilean designer, Daniela Bozza, who is known for her high-quality designs and impeccable finish. In addition, Godoy is not a person who is characterized by flaunting her money or her social status on networks like Instagram.

Secondly, the TV presenter is a public figure and as such is constantly under scrutiny from the public and the media. It is common for public figures to have to dress in high-quality clothing, such as dresses gala, and recognized brands to comply with the dress codes of the events they attend.

Maria Luisa Godoy. Source: Instagram @marigodoyibañez

Finally, it is important to note that the price of the dress should not be a topic of discussion. Each person has the right to spend his money as he deems necessary and, in the case of Maria Luisa Godoyshe can afford to buy a couture dress if she wants to.

The dress of almost a million pesos that Maria Luisa Godoy used for his meeting with the mayoress of Viña del Mar is a minor detail that should not be criticized. The television presenter is a public figure who must comply with certain dress codes and, in this case, she chose a high-quality design from a well-known Chilean designer. Instead of focusing on the cost of the dress, we should value her professionalism and her ability to perform her job successfully.