Take a deep breath before knowing who was Karol G’s first love, which was not Anuel AA

Carol G He is currently at his best moment in his musical career. Just a few months ago, on April 22, she released her new single “Provenza” that managed to achieve great success worldwide and that, without a doubt, always gives her fans who love the Colombian something to talk about.

The famous songwriter is recognized by who was her partner for a few years the rapper Anuel AA, but it must be made clear that the Puerto Rican was not the only love that stole his heart. Who was her first sentimental relationship for a short time was the also Colombian Chez Tom.

Apparently, at the beginning of her musical career, the “Bichota” met and fell in love with the producer and DJ Chez Tom, with whom she was in a relationship. The paisa was her first love. After breaking up, the beautiful Carol G He had other little relevant courtships in his artistic career that did not last long.

Chez Tom. Source: Instagram @cheztom

After going through a long relationship and controversial breakup with the rapper Anuel AAthe composer is at her best, always willing to show the best of herself and improve herself to improve day by day, showing great empowerment to her audience that loves her.

Anuel AA. Source: Instagram @anuel

To show that you have turned a page in your life, Carol G She changed her blue hair color to red and shared an image on her Instagram with her new look, saying: “2 weeks in love with seeing myself like this in the mirror and not being able to show them. So that when they see me on the street they tell me: ‘EaAaaa Maria baby, how does that red hair look on you,'” she concluded.