Take a deep breath before listening to how Dr. Polo sings

The doctor Anna Maria Polo 63 years old rose to fame with his program ‘Case closed’ that aired on the Telemundo network for 20 years. The truth is that today the Cuban lawyer but based in Miami accumulates thousands of fans around the world who follow her closely.

the way it has Anna Maria Polo to make contact with them is through social networks where he already accumulates more than two and a half million followers from all corners of the world. To her huge virtual fandom she shares memories of ‘Case closed’ and also some of the postcards of his daily life.

This week, Ana Maria Polo, She surprised her fans by posting a video of her singing a cover of a Cuban singer and doing it very well. First, the driver shared a postcard in which she poses with one of her traditional looks while she picks up a guitar.

Anna Maria Polo. Source: instagram @anapolotv

Along with this photo Anna Maria Polo He wrote: “I heal my soul through music. Have you #HeSaid #CasoCerrado #AnaMariaPolo” and the publication received thousands of comments highlighting the number of talents that the lawyer has in addition to driving.

Then, in their stories, Anna Maria Polo He shared two short clips in which his voice can be heard and the explanation of who the artist who plays is, named José Manuel Carbajal Zaldívar. “The taiger is a Cuban reggaeton player and he has very good songs,” says the lawyer before the camera.