Take a deep breath before meeting the tiktoker who becomes Karol G and causes a sensation

Singer Carol G. The 32-year-old is one of the great figures in the world of entertainment and as a result has accumulated more than 60 million followers on social networks who are aware of his movements and publications. Her music is what attracts the masses and she is sold out in all the cities she is in, but she is also a very strong figure.

Carol G. In addition to being a singer, she is taken as a benchmark for fashion and trends on social networks and there are thousands of fans who want to imitate her style, way of dressing and beauty. On more than one occasion, the Colombian has made it clear that she tries to be a good example for her followers and that she does her best to leave a hopeful message.

Now a fan of Tik Tok went viral on Carol G. who works as a Drag Queen and personifies herself as the bichota to perfection. her name is Dixie Be, She is Puerto Rican and on the net she shows looks very similar to the singer, as well as showing how the transformation process she is carrying out.

Dixie Be as Karol G. Source: instagram @dixiebeepr

Dixie Be He has more than 7 million views in his most recent video where he personifies himself as his idol Karol G with great histrionics and professionalism three years ago. Netizens leave her messages like: “With that makeup you look more like Carol G. that the same Karol G”, “I am stunned, it is identical”, “The resemblance is brutal”, “If they look alike, it was the same”.

Dixie Be with Karol G’s parents. Source: instagram @dixiebeepr

Dixie Be attended one of the concerts Carol G. in Puerto Rico, her native country, and even took a postcard with the singer’s real parents, Marta Navarro and Guillermo Giraldo. Now he only needs to fulfill a dream and that is to meet the interpreter of ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’ personally.