Take a deep breath before seeing how Leticia Zamorano, the dancer from ‘Rojo’, looks today

the talent show Red It had several editions on Chilean television and great talents emerged from there. Some continue within the artistic field and others not so much. An example of this is the dancer Letizia Zamorano that although he did not win any edition, he stood out with his skill.

Letizia Zamorano He was in Red in 2003 and there she shared a set with Raúl Peralta, Paulina López and Claudio Puebla, with whom she had a sentimental relationship. She always stood out for her desire to dance and for her sympathy with the public and colleagues with whom she became friends such as Maura Rivera, María Isabel Sobarzo, Daniela Castillo and Carolina Soto.

once he left Red, Letizia Zamorano She moved away from television but continued to be involved in musical projects and plays such as “Aladdin”, “Peter Pan” and “Mermaid”, where she was a dancer and also a choreographer, the facet in which she stands out best since it is her passion. .

On the other hand, Letizia Zamorano He did the play “Corazón Rojo” together with his former reality show partners and there they recreated important moments of the program that brought them fame with a different musical touch. Currently the brunette has a personal venture far from the world of entertainment.

Letizia Zamorano He is responsible for “Emov”, and there he gives dance classes for women and children, virtually so that everyone can access dance without limitations, a world that he knows perfectly well and in which he has an outstanding career inside and outside of television.