Take a deep breath before seeing how Pía Cichero, Mekano’s former dancer, looks

youth program Mekano It ended 14 years ago but most of the participants who were part of it today are famous and their lives have changed considerably over time. An example of this is the multifaceted former dancer pia cichero that the public remembers fondly.

pia cichero was part of the electropop band Lulú Jam, as soon as he left Makano. This formation was quite successful in the mid-2000s and released some hits like “Chocolate bom” and “Bombonéame”. But with the passage of time the dancer left this band for another.

Pia Cichero In 2011 he joined the band “Ambar”, which made pop-rock songs together with Saiko’s drummer. In parallel, she was a Zumba instructor, a profession that she also practices today and she had a special certification that she obtained in the United States.

Pia Cichero. Source: instagram @pcichero

Pia Cichero He also studied journalism, a career that ended a short time ago. Regarding her personal life, she lives with the ex-boy Mekano José Reyes, with whom she had two children but their romance began long after they both left the reality show.

Pia Cichero and Jose Reyes. Source: instagram @pcichero

Pia Cichero She met José Reyes again in 2013 after ending a previous relationship. She gave the coincidence that José Reyes was also single and their friendship gradually gave way to love. She is currently quite active on social networks and accumulates more than 11,000 followers who closely follow her life.