Take a deep breath before seeing Marco Antonio Solís and his wife 20 years ago

Cristy Solis is the 50-year-old Cuban model who is married to the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis Since 1993. She has been at the side of the renowned artist for 28 years and accompanies him in every step he takes, and also boasts the love he has for him on his social networks to his more than 300 thousand followers from all latitudes.

Cristy Solís. Source: Terra file

On your Instagram profile Cristy Solis shares photos of her best looks, her travels, and her best moments with her daughters Alison and Marla, among other things. Now the blonde surprised her fans with a retro photo that she replicated in her stories in which she appears next to Marco Antonio Solis but 20 years ago.

Cristy and Marco Antonio Solís at the Viña del Mar festival. Source: instagram @cristy_solis

In the postcard that already went viral on the network, both Cristy What Marco Antonio They look totally different, she keeps her hair blonde but has black eyebrows and both the look and the hairstyle are typical of the 90s. For his part, the singer maintains his characteristic features, his beard and long hair.

“We are the same” he wrote Cristy Solis on the photo that she replicated of a friend who greeted her husband on his recent birthday and added: “Viña del Mar 1998” in relation to the origin of this memory postcard that left everyone with their mouths open and received thousands of reactions.

Cristy and Marco Antonio Solís. Source: instagram @cristy_solis

Last Wednesday Marco Antonio Solis he turned 62 and his wife, Cristy shared a photo album on the net with the best moments of the couple and wrote: “There are only two moments when I want to be with you: Now and forever. I would choose you again, one hundred thousand times more and in one hundred thousand lives more! I celebrate that extraordinary being and with whom I have the great joy of sharing my life “.