Take a deep breath before seeing what China Suárez’s mother looks like today

China Suarez She is the owner of an undeniable beauty, and her followers remind her of it daily on social networks. The actress is the mother of three children: Rufina (the fruit of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré) and Amancio and Magnolia (from her courtship with Benjamín Vicuña). Despite her busy schedule, she is always with them.

The mother of China Suárez when she was young. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

For labor matters, the China he always travels from Argentina to Spain or Uruguay, depending on where he is working. On no occasion does he leave his children in Buenos Aires. As she has told on several occasions, this is due to the help of a nanny and her mother: Marcela Riveiro, who is a very present grandmother.

China Suárez’s mother with one of her grandchildren. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

This Tuesday, the mother of the China It was his birthday and the singer celebrated it with a tender post on social networks. “If it could be even if she is 10% like a mother of what you were and you are, she would be calm and happy,” she began writing. With indescribable affection, the actress assured: “All of us who are close to you love you.”

Marcela Riveiro and Amancio. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Finally, Benjamín Vicuña’s ex-partner only left words of love for her mother in her account. Instagram: “You’re unique. The best, the prettiest, the best mother and grandmother. Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you”. Along with the text, she shared images of Marcela when she was a child, who looks a lot like Rufina, the actress’s eldest daughter.

The mother of China Suárez as a child. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In addition, the actress of “The Red Thread” posted images of her mother today, and only received praise from her fans. “Now I understand the reason for your beauty”, “Please, Rufina looks so much alike in that photo as a little girl, like that…” and “I already understand your beauty ChinaYou are as beautiful as your mom” were some of the compliments she received.