Take a deep breath before seeing what Issis Méndez, DJ Méndez’s youngest daughter, looks like, more than 10 years after the reality show

DJ Mendez, the renowned national singer, has shared a moving display of love for his daughters on his Instagram account. In a video and a photograph, the artist let his followers see what his little daughters look like, the result of his last relationship, in an emotional moment that has moved everyone. In the clip, you can see María Fernanda, one of DJ Méndez’s daughters, enthusiastically participating in a presentation at her school. On the other hand, the smallest of the family, Isisappears posing smiling next to her father, radiating happiness and love.

Isis Mendez. Source: Instagram @issis_ho

movedDJ Mendez He expressed all his love and gratitude towards his six children, mentioning that they are the best that life has given him. The publication received nearly 3,000 likes and an avalanche of comments praising the beautiful family that she has formed with her daughters.

Although Steffi and Leo Jr are the most recognized children of the singer, Isis and his other daughters also form an important part of his heart, as he himself has made clear on his social networks. The image and video shared by DJ Méndez reflect the happiness and affection that he shares with all his daughters. The special bond that unites them is evident and how they enjoy every moment together.

The singer’s followers have highlighted the beauty of Isis and her sisters, sending them blessings and good wishes in each comment. In his posts, DJ Méndez proudly displays the love and unity that characterizes his family. He thanks God for having his children, who are his greatest source of joy and motivation in life.

More than 10 years after the docurreality “Los Méndez”, the singer’s family has grown and strengthened, demonstrating that love and family connection are fundamental values ​​for them. Every moment shared on social networks is a sample of the importance that the family has for DJ Mendez and how they enjoy every moment together.