Take a deep breath before seeing what Javier Milei, the Argentine liberal candidate, looked like when he had a rock band

Politics often surprises us with unusual stories and radical life changes. Javier Milei, the presidential candidate in Argentina is a perfect example of this. Before taking her steps into the world of politics, Milei had a completely different life, far from political debates and discussions. Her transformation is impressive and offers an intriguing glimpse into her past.

Javier Mieli. Source: Twitter @ShowmundialShow

Javier Milei began his path in the Chacarita minor categories as a goalkeeper. From the age of twelve, his passion for football led him to pursue a career in sports. His life at that time was focused on the playing field, far from the platforms and the proposals. policies.

However, Milei He had another aspect of his life that few know. In addition to his sports career, he fronted a tribute rock band called “Everest.” This band paid tribute to one of the legends of rock, the Rolling Stones. With her characteristic long hair and an eighties style, Milei was a very different figure from the one we see in the current political arena.

The contrast between the young Milei Passionate about football and rock music and the current presidential candidate is amazing. His entry into politics, leading the “La Libertad Avanza” coalition, has generated a significant impact on social networks, where his controversial style and his controversial proposals have turned him into a media phenomenon.

Javier Mieli. Source: Twitter @ShowmundialShow

It is not surprising that Milei has obtained a victory in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (PASO) elections, attracting the attention of millions of Argentines. His life is a testament that people can drastically change course, and his story reminds us that behind every political figure, there is a diverse and surprising past.