Take a deep breath before seeing what Liliana Rodríguez, the daughter of Puma Rodriguez, looked like almost 30 years ago

Venezuelan actress and singer Liliana Rodriguez Morillo She is the eldest daughter of the renowned artist Jose Luis Rodriguez but they have not been related for many years due to family differences. The truth is that the heiress of Lila Morillo did not need the fame of her parents to make her professional career and today she has her own brilliance.

Liliana Rodriguez Morillo He was one of the figures of the third edition of Telemundo’s Casa de los Famosos and also works in different advertising campaigns. She is very active on social networks and accumulates more than 800,000 followers who are aware of her news.

For them, Liliana Rodriguez Morillo shares previews of his professional work and also postcards of his daily life with his sister Lilibeth Morillo who is focused on music and her daughter Galilea Lopez Morillo which is a benchmark for fashion and trends on social media.

Liliana Rodríguez Morillo 30 years ago. Source: instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

Now it was his daughter Galilea Lopez Morillo who published in her stories a retro photo from when she was a newborn and shows liliana rodriguez 30 years ago when she was taking her first steps in motherhood and was still in a relationship with the father of her daughter from whom she separated many years ago.

Liliana and Galilee. Source: Terra archive

Fairly Galilea Lopez Morillo He showed these souvenir postcards to greet his father on his birthday, of whom not many details are known, such as his name and profession. Just once liliana rodriguez said that she had suffered a lot in the separation since she felt that two men abandoned her in reference to her family history with the Cougar Rodriguez.