Take a deep breath before seeing what Marco Antonio Solís’ wife looked like more than 10 years ago

the cuban model Christy Solis 52 years old knew how to conquer the heart of the renowned Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis more than three decades ago. Since the ’90s they have been together and have formed a family with their two daughters Alison and Marla who are inseparable.

The truth is Christy Solis She is very active on social networks and on Instagram alone she already has nearly 300,000 followers who do not lose track of her. The wife of Marco Antonio Solis She has become a benchmark for fashion and trends and marks style with her looks.

For your huge virtual fandom, Christy Solis shares his best poses but also some postcards of his travels in the company of the singer Marco Antonio Solis every time he goes on tour around the world. As well as the moments that she lives with her daughters and with her friends.

Marco Antonio and Cristy Solis. Source: Terra archive

But now Christy Solis He surprised his fans by publishing a souvenir postcard in which he looks 10 years younger. The photo immediately went viral and in it you can see the wife of Marco Antonio Solis With a dress in silver and violet tones that highlights her worked figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition.

Christy Solis 10 years ago. Source: instagram @cristy_solis

In the TBT of the social network of the little camera, Christy Solis She has blonde hair like today but straight and with a fringe that frames her beautiful face. Her make up highlights her features and her tan is the protagonist of the postcard that she decided to accompany with the text that says: “2010”.