Take a deep breath before seeing what Puma Rodríguez and Lila Morillo looked like more than 50 years ago

The Venezuelan singer José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez He was first married to the artist lila morillo and together they were one of the most beloved marriages in the music industry in the ’60s. At that time they both worked for the ‘Velvet de Venezuela’ label and recorded several songs together.

If there was something they did very well cougar rodriguez Y lila morillo it was to earn money through live performances, on television shows and also through records. At that time both decided to pay homage to the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador with an emotional song.

The piece of music that the cougar rodriguez beside lila morillo It was called “Guayaquil de mis amores”, by the author Julio Jaramillo. In the video that went viral in the last hours on social networks, they are both very much in love and interpreting the lyrics with great passion.

Something quite strange for the fans of the singers since currently the cougar rodriguez and his ex-wife lila morillo They have no relationship and do not speak to each other. This is part of the fights and confrontations that the artist has had with his two eldest daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth.

Lila Morillo and Puma Rodríguez. Source: Terra archive

The fans of both remember that time when lila morillo and the cougar rodriguez They spread the love they had for each other and filled the network with comments such as: “Lila always with her seductive mischief, look at the end of the song, her gesture, haha, how pretty like none of her”, and “What a beauty I love See that video, what a beautiful time, José Luis looks very much in love, I love you both”.