Take a deep breath before seeing what Valentina looks like, Sonia Isaza’s beautiful niece who is all the rage on Instagram

The fitness model and influencer Sonia Isaac Every day she is more in love with the soccer player Arturo Vidal and this is demonstrated on social networks where she accumulates more than three and a half million followers who are aware of her movements and publications.

Sonia Isaac accompanies Arturo Vidal in the life he leads in Brazil since he was hired by the Flamengo team to demonstrate his talent on the field, but in addition to the postcards on the beach and in the countries of that country, the model also nurtures his fans tips for physical exercise.

whenever you can, sonia isaza, It also shows his family moments with some of his children or relatives, as is the case with his niece. Valentina Isaacwho is all the rage on instagram for her talent for posing for the camera and her undeniable beauty, something that is in her genes like her aunt.

Valentina Isaac. Source: instagram @valentinaisaza

Valentina Isaac She is a teenager who is already daring to pose like a model with one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, party dresses and urban looks with which she sets the trend. She is very active in the social network of the camera and little by little she is gaining her fandom and Sonia Isaza whenever she can shows it in her stories.

Valentina Isaac. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

Two weeks ago Valentina Isaac He turned years old, reached the age of majority and I celebrate it with a publication in which he poses in front of the mirror with the same sensuality as his aunt Sonia Isaac. Although it has not yet transpired what career he will study at the end of his studies, it is estimated that it will be something related to fashion, fitness and healthy living.

Valentina Isaac. Source: instagram @valentinaisaza