Take a deep breath before seeing what Valentina Roth’s luxurious apartment looks like inside

Vale Roth, the well-known influencer and former participant of the television show “Calle 7”, has excited her followers once again by sharing a look at her new home on her social networks. This modern and luxurious three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment has generated quite a stir on social media, and no wonder.

Okay Roth. Source: Instagram @valeroth28

One of the most outstanding features of this exclusive apartment that I show for instagram is that it has a bathroom that will be used exclusively by her little daughter, a detail that shows the love and dedication that Vale Roth has towards her family. This gesture did not go unnoticed among his followers, who praised his decision to provide a special space for his daughter.

But the most exciting thing of all is that Vale Roth plans to completely furnish this new space from scratch, meaning that her followers will be able to witness the transformation of this beautiful apartment in real time. The influencer has already shared her excitement on social media, using the hashtag #pochishome to refer to her new home. Fans can’t wait to see how she chooses to decorate and personalize every corner of this luxurious apartment.

To present your new home in detail, Vale Roth He shared an exhaustive video in which he toured every corner of the department. In the video, followers were able to appreciate the elegant decoration, the luminosity of the spaces and the impressive architectural details that make this apartment a true dream.

In the video description, Vale Roth He expressed his excitement about this new acquisition, making it clear that this apartment represents an important step in his life and that of his family. Now, all you have to do is wait for the keys to be handed over so you can begin the exciting task of furnishing and turning this space into your new home. In short, Vale Roth’s new apartment is a true dream come true, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a touch of elegance that reflects the lifestyle of this beloved influencer. Her followers are excited to be part of this new stage and look forward to every update about the decoration and details of this luxurious home.