Take a deep breath before you find out what Shakira’s nine unknown brothers do for a living

Colombian singer Shakira 45-year-old is about to start a new life in Miami, far from her ex Gerard Piqué and very close to his children Milan and Sasha. At this time, the family support provided by her parents, Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak, is key.

Her brother Tonino who works with her as her manager has also been a key figure in the midst of her divorce with Gerard Piqué and on more than one occasion and at key moments the singer has been accompanied by him. But also Shakira He has 9 siblings who keep a low profile.

In addition to Tonino, they are José Antonio, Alberto, Edward, Robin, Moisés, Patricia, Lucila and Ana Mebarak. Actually they are half brothers Shakira since they are the result of the first marriage that his father William Mebarak had with Lucila Otero before meeting the mother of the artist Nidia Ripoll.

Tonino Shakira’s closest brother. Source: instagram @vanexares

Shakira She also has a brother who died when she was 19 in a car accident and she was only 2. Despite her young age, the artist noted her father’s sorrow for this loss and soon after wrote the song “Tus Gafas oscuras” which he later included on a disc.

Shakira’s brothers. Source: instagram @shakira.fanatic

Little is known of the professions of the brothers of Shakira, Patricia, for example, lives in Valencia and is a teacher of children with special abilities. Lucila is a neurosurgeon and lives in her homeland of Colombia. Alberto Mebarak is a lawyer and José Antonio is a businessman and lives in Miami, so the singer will now be able to see him more often. Ana, Edward, Moisés and Robin Mebarak have almost no relation to her and little is known of her life.