Take a deep breath before you see how Karen Bejarano looks inspired by a Jennifer Lopez look

Singer Karen Bejarano The 38-year-old is one of the great voices in the region but also a very followed figure on social networks where he accumulates more than a million followers from all corners of the world who are aware of his movements and publications.

Karen Bejarano She shares her best looks and poses for her enormous virtual fandom, since she has become a benchmark in fashion and beauty for her good taste in clothing. She also lets you see some previews of her work and some of her daily life to keep in touch with her fans.

Karen Bejarano as JLO. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

Now Karen Bejarano surprised everyone on Instagram by posing with a look inspired by Jennifer Lopez. The Chilean singer has a white tank top covered by a beige vest with colored letters and numbers, which she combines with make-up with glitter and hair held high with waves.

JLO in the 2000s. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

Karen She closed her look with jeans and a white belt and displayed all her talent for posing and also brought her beauty to the fore. “Flow 2000. We were inspired by the goddess @jlo for the look,” wrote the singer while she showed the comparison of her with Jennifer Lopez in one of her iconic clips.

Karen Bejarano as JLO. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

immediately the fans of Karen Bejarano they turned to the publication of instagram with thousands of likes where they approve this look of the singer inspired by her idol and also leave comments like: “You don’t need inspiration, the rest is inspired by your friend”; “I love that look and that time, beautiful x10000000000” and “Yes, you do look alike, eh…Although you are more beautiful”.