Take a deep breath before you see the amazing physical change of Kellan Lutz, Emmett Cullen in Twilight

the movie saga ‘Twilight’ It is one of the most viewed and remembered by millions of viewers around the world. Currently, several of them closely follow what happened to the lives of the actors who were part of the cast and a clear example of this is what happened with the character of Emmett Cullen.

The truth is that the actor Kellan Lutz, gave life to the character of Emmett Cullen in twilight Already 11 years after the premiere, it has undergone an important physical transformation. This was one of the most important secondary characters since he played the brother of the protagonist Edward Cullen.

In addition to being an actor, kellan lutz was a model and after the success of Twilight He did other roles in the movies like ‘The Heart of a Warrior’; ‘Immortals’ ; ‘Java Heat’; ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Tarzan’. He is currently very active on social networks where he accumulates more than a million followers from all latitudes.

This is where Emmet Cullen fans discovered the actor’s physical change kellan lutz. The artist has blonde hair and blue eyes. In the network he shares work and personal postcards where he shows some of his family routine since he has two children from his relationship with Brittany Gonzales.

Kellan Lutz. Source: instagram @kellanlutz

For fans of Twilight it is very strange to see the appearance of kellan lutz without being personified as a vampire and that is why they fill all their postcards with life after the saga that brought him to fame, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting his beauty and talent.

Kellan Lutz with family. Source: instagram @kellanlutz