Take a deep breath before you see the beauty of Elastigirl from “The Incredibles” in real life, according to this risky cosplay

In the animated cinematographic universe, a film that managed to conquer the hearts of the audience stands out: “The Incredibles”. This collaboration between Disney and Pixar gave life to a family endowed with superpowers. Among the memorable protagonists is elastigirl, a woman capable of stretching and deforming her body at will, who, despite her abilities, chooses to lead a peaceful life as a housewife. In the field of cosplayan exciting hobby, this character stands out for his physique and his courage on the battlefield.

The masterpiece “The Incredibles“, released in 2004, was a resounding success at the box office and became a cult animated title. As a result, the world of cosplay he also embraced its essence. This form of expression, which involves dedication and creativity, catches those who spend hours impersonating their idols. Among those chosen to come to life in the real world, Elastigirl emerges with various interpretations.

Natashoca, a Brazilian model, rose to fame thanks to her meticulous cosplay of elastigirl. His detailed characterization of the character of “The Incredibles” generated a wave of support on her Instagram account, where her beauty contributed to the accumulation of thousands of “likes” and comments in a matter of minutes. The red suit that highlights her physical attributes is the same one that the character wears on the big screen .

It is worth noting the attention that Natashoca gave to the hair, achieving a surprising resemblance to the hair of elastigirl. In addition, the model did not overlook the red mask and gloves, emblematic accessories present in the film version of “The Incredibles“. This detailed approach to the cosplay It earned him recognition on social media, where his skills and dedication did not go unnoticed.

Source: Instagram Natashoca

Natashoca is not limited to incarnating elastigirl; his presence on social networks is filled with other characterizations with a sensual touch. This approach to “The Incredibles” is not forgotten by the admirers, who remember her for her physical attractiveness. Although the cosplay It may seem like a simple hobby, for some it represents a source of work that requires effort and dedication before achieving the desired recognition.

Source: Instagram Natashoca