Take a deep breath before you see what Coté López looks like in ‘Barbie Mode’

María José López Romero is better known in our country as Coté López and is one of the most important actresses. In addition, she is recognized for being the wife, for many years, of the soccer player Luis Jimenez who continues to be linked to the world of football. At 34 years old, she is in charge of showing that she is still valid and that she is one of the most beautiful women of all, and she does it by showing off her curves in various ways. In one of her last posts on her Instagram, she surprised with a “Barbie Mode” look.

In the last days, cote lopez He surprised his followers with news and that is that he decided and opened an OnlyFans account. However, through a photo that she uploaded on her social networks wearing a lingerie set, when clicking on the link, she redirected directly to the clothing page that she has, so it was a deception towards her fans so that enter “Louis Antoine”, his line of accessories.

Coté López deceived everyone with the Only Fans account. Source Instagram @cotelopezm

since 2006 cote lopez maintains a relationship with former soccer player Luis Jiménez. The influencer and the Magician are one of the most beloved couples in our country and in addition to their years of marriage, they have five children together. In recent days, the influencer answered a question about how many times she has relations with her husband and she assured that she did not often.

On the other hand, on his Instagram account where he has more than two million followers, cote lopez She was in charge of demonstrating why she is one of the most beautiful women of all and she did it in “Barbie Mode” with which she wore a luxurious dress, with which everyone fell in love and with which she stole all eyes.

Coté López in Barbie Mode. Source Instagram @cotelopezm

In another of the posts, cote lopez She is in charge of demonstrating that her figure is still intact and that she is one of the most beautiful women of all. The wife of Mago Jiménez is usually photographed in a bathing suit from the pool or the beach showing her curves. At 34 years old, the influencer and businesswoman continues to make everyone fall in love.

Cote Lopez in a bathing suit. Source Instagram @cotelopezm