Take a deep breath before you see what Fernanda Braz looks like today, 25 years from Mekano

Mekano It was a Chilean youth television program that was broadcast between 1997 and 2007 and from there came important figures that today are part of the local show business. One of them is Brazilian Fernanda Braz, that at that time was one of the public’s favorites in the humorous sketches of “Team Mekano”.

Fernanda Braz She left the show in 2008 and joined the group “Sexy FAY” with her colleagues Amanda Cibeli and Yanina Halabi. She later joined the cast of “Bellas en el caño y Don Che con la caña”, with the models Pamela Díaz and Pamela Sosa and had a time of great fame.

Already close to 2010 Fernanda Braz He decided to get away from television and show business and began to study physical education pedagogy, a career from which he graduated and which he is currently working on. She is the person in charge of a company called “Selah Training Gimnasia Laboral”, which provides active break services in work environments.

Fernanda Braz. Source: instagram @fernandabrazoficial

Fernanda Braz He promotes his services on social networks where he accumulates more than 120,000 followers from all corners who closely follow his life. For them, the blonde also converts photos with the best poses and looks of her since she owns an impressive figure.

Fernanda Braz. Source: instagram @fernandabrazoficial

Fernanda Braz She always had a facility for physical activity and she is passionate about dancing, something she already did for more than 20 years in her childhood days. Mekano. She is currently very active on the camera’s social network and from time to time joins artistic challenges with her fans.