Take a deep breath before you see what Gary Medel looked like as a kid

Last August 3 Gary Medell He celebrated another year of life, after some legal contingencies that had him involved. It turns out that the Chilean must pay the figure of more than 80 million pesos filed by the legal defense of Ángelo Berti, the former official of the Seremi de Salud who did not let him enter the Karol G concert because he did not have his mobility pass enabled.

This claim against Gary Medelnace product was born on May 26, during the Karol G concert, in Parque O’Higgins in Santiago. The strong altercation between the defender of the Chilean national team and the health authority took place on the premises, which, between insults, ended with a request for exactly 80,500,000 pesos as compensation.

The letters that support the request make it clear that “Mr. Medel He was, on that occasion, accompanied by a group of people, being the only one in his group who did not have the aforementioned document enabled.” It was at that moment, according to his statement, that Medel lost his temper, proceeding to utter high-caliber insults to later make a live broadcast through his account. Instagram.

Gary Medel as a child.
????Source: Instagram @gary_medel17

Gary Medell, victim of his actions, began the week of his 35th birthday filled with criticism and the legal request to pay this amount. In any case, this mishap is being left behind and the Italian Bologna player was able to enjoy another year of life in his country.

Gary Medel as an adult. Source: Instagram @gary_medel17

Gary Medell He thanked the 35 years on social networks and for that he posted on Instagram a photo of when he was a sapling and a dreamer of being able to become a consecrated player and one of his birthday, making it clear that he did not lose many features but that that little one has achieved what was proposed. “I share a photo from when I was a kid in Conchalí and one from today. In these 35 years I have lived everything. Good, bad and the worst. And also something has been learned…. The main thing, that dreams can come true, ”she declared.