Take a deep breath before you see what Jorge Valdivia looks like, after being discharged from the psychiatric clinic

The athlete and television host Jorge Valdivia The 39-year-old was in the media spotlight due to his recent hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic after suffering a nervous breakdown. The model’s ex and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz He already has a medical discharge and is recovering at home.

Jorge Valdivia Yesterday he returned to social networks where he accumulates more than a million and a half followers who are awaiting his movements and publications. The former soccer player thanked everyone for the support provided during his hospitalization and left a clear message about mental health.

“It is good to ask for help in complex situations. The important thing is to be able to detect in time that we need the guidance of a mental health professional. As advice to what has been lived, do not wait to collapse to ask for help. The motives? They give the same The emotional well-being of each one is a priority”, explained JOrge Valdivia.

This is how Jorge Valdivia looks. Source: instagram @jorgitovaldivia

The truth is that today Jorge Valdivia He returned to the camera’s social network to show what he looks like after obtaining clinical discharge. “We came back skinny but here we go, step by step,” wrote the former de Daniela Aranguiz next to a postcard that was taken in front of the mirror without a shirt.

Jorge Valdivia. Source: Terra archive

On these days, Jorge Valdivia recovers at home and takes refuge in the children he had with Daniela Aranguiz. The model was also concerned and attentive to the athlete’s health and during her hospitalization she confessed that she will always love him, which sparked controversy because the footballer had an intense and mediatic affair with deputy Maite Orsini.