Take a deep breath before you see what Ryan Muñiz, Marc Anthony’s son with Dayanara Torres, looks like

Ryan Muniz, the youngest son of Dayanara Torres and Mark Anthony, has celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend, Alexia Bobryk. The 19-year-old shared a collage of photos on his Instagram account, where they are seen together on different trips and events, showing how in love he is with his partner.

Ryan and his girlfriend. Source: Instagram @ryanmuñiz.

Since Ryan He showed in his publications how happy he is with Alexia, his parents’ fans have been very curious to meet her. Little is known about her, except that she is originally from Canada and that her great passion is horse riding. On her Instagram profile, Alexia shares photos riding horses and running around the stable, indicating that she shares this hobby with Ryan.

The couple have proven to be very close and are seen enjoying their time together, even in the company of their pet. Ryan and Alexia have solidified their relationship, touring Europe together and attending the wedding of Mark Anthony and Nadia Ferreira.

Ryan and his girlfriend. Source: Instagram @ryanmuñiz.

Ryan’s motherDayanara Torres, he has also witnessed his son’s love for Alexia and admires her horsemanship skills. The couple seems to be very happy and Ryan has made it clear that Alexia is the love of his life. It is important to note that although Ryan’s parents are public figures, their children’s private lives must be respected. It is admirable that Ryan share your happiness with your followers, but it is important to remember that he and his girlfriend deserve your privacy and respect.

In summary, Ryan Muniz He has shared his girlfriend Alexia Bobryk’s birthday celebration on his social networks, showing how much he is in love with her. The couple have strengthened their relationship by touring Europe together and sharing their passion for horse riding. It is important to remember that the private lives of the children of public figures must be respected.