Take a deep breath before you see what Shakira looks like in ‘Barbie’ doll form

Shakira He has conquered all of Latin America and the world, with his music, his dances, and his charisma. Already with years of experience, the Colombian artist never ceases to amaze with her talent, and now her real surprise is what her fans are capable of to show affection for her idol.

Shakira in Monotony. Source: Instagram @popculture.dolls

Shakira did not come out of his astonishment when he saw the designs of the artist called Joseph, who is dedicated to making her own Barbie-style dolls. But the funny thing is that these Barbie are mini replicas of Shakira at different times of her career. José has a collection of 30 barbies. Each of them are made manually and represent each of the looks that Shakira used during the recording of her video clips. José expressed that although he still lacks designs to complete Shakira’s extensive discography, she does have the most important ones.

There are barbies with designs from the sensual Shakira from “La Tortura” to the provocative Shakira from “La Loba”. There is also the doll that represents the love-struck singer from “La Bicicleta”, the sarcastic Shakira from “Te Felicito” and the heartbroken Shakira from “Monotonía”, her latest and most recent release.

Shakira in I congratulate you. Source: Instagram @popculture.dolls

José declared that he does not intend to abandon this job, and that in addition to completing the collection with the historical songs of the former Gerard Piqué, as she releases new songs it will continue to represent her in doll mode. He himself declared “I still have to make a few more dolls to have the entire Shakira multiverse complete (For example; I leave you Madrid, I am here, Clandestine, January Day, Where are you heart, You, The sun rises among others…)” .

Shakira on the cover of El Dorado. Source: Instagram @popculture.dolls

The dolls contemplate even the smallest detail of the looks used by the Colombian, from the shoes, the guitars, the hair, the accessories, the jewelry or jewelry, and even the colors of the clothes. The artist has also taken special photos and videos with her creations, where you can see the Shakira barbies simulating the covers of their records, with superheroes or a guitar.