Take a deep breath before you see what Vivi Rodrigues, the former Mekano girl, looks like

vivi rodrigues He is one of the most iconic and remembered members of the Mekano youth program. In addition to being part of the program, she was also a singer of axé music. She began her career modeling during her teens and later, she traveled to other countries in search of more opportunities with the Porto Seguro group.

They arrived in Chile and were very successful, which led them to settle there in 2004 along with other members of the group such as Indio Costa, Fabricio, Fran and Cherry. It is important to mention that Vivi Rodrigues She had a romantic relationship with Fabricio Vasconcelos, but it ended abruptly when it was learned that Thiago Cunha had also been in a relationship with her. Her today on Instagram she can be found as Vivi Lyh.

Rodrigues lived. Source: Instagram @vivilyh

vivi rodrigues is a talented woman with a great track record in the world of music, television, and dance. Known for being one of the most iconic and remembered members of the Mekano youth program, she also had a successful career as axé music singer.

But her career is not just limited to music, she is also a dancer and businesswoman. Vivi Rodrigues It has been linked to dance and different events. She even opted for a dance-related venture, specifically Zumba, directing online classes. Now, she is part of the “Siempre Activa Community” site, where subscribers can train with her in real time.

Rodrigues lived. Source: Instagram @vivilyh

As for her personal life, in 2015, Vivi married her compatriot Carlos Mariano and together they have two daughters. Currently, the family is based in Brazil, in Santa Catarina. vivi rodrigues He remains an influential figure in the world of music and dance, and his career is constantly evolving.