Take a seat before discovering the unexpected link between Álvaro Morte and Luis Miguel

The singer Luis Miguel The 52-year-old has been away from the stage for a long time and the last thing that was known about him were the details about his career and his personal life that he wanted to tell through “Luis Miguel, the series” that was all the rage and was located on the Netflix podium for several months.

The producer in charge of telling the story of Luis Miguel It’s called ‘Gato Grande’ and now he’s embarking on a new project with the star of ‘La Casa de Papel’, the Spanish actor Alvaro Mortewho will star in the series ‘Talkies’ for Latin American audiences.

Luis Miguel, the series. Source: instagram @luismiguellaserie

The truth is Alvaro Morte continues with the expansion of his career and coincides with Luis Miguel by leaving his job in the hands of the people of ‘Gato Grande’. The series ‘Talkies’ is a period fiction that will have 8 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each.

Alvaro Morte. Source: instagram @alvaromorte

With the leading role of Alvaro Mortethe time period between 1930 and 1934 will be counted, when the film industry recorded foreign language versions of Hollywood films using the same sets as global English productions.

A clear example of this is the film ‘Dracula’ parallel to that of Bela Lugosi with the leading role of the Spanish Carlos Villarías, which for many viewers is superior to the one directed by Tod Brownin. The bad thing is that many of these productions were not preserved over time, but with his work in front of the camera, Alvaro Morte will try to get some of it back.