Take a seat before finding out how much Cony Capelli earns on Big Brother

If you are a follower of the reality show Big Brother Chile, you have surely wondered how much its participants earn, and in particular, how much they earn Cony Capelli, one of the show’s original contestants. In this article, we will reveal the details about her salary and a little more about her interesting career.

Cony Capelli is part of the “fantastic four”, a group of participants who entered from the beginning in Big Brother and that have been fundamental in the plot of the reality show. Despite having been locked up in the most famous house in the world for more than a hundred days, Cony has not renegotiated her salary and continues with the original agreement she had when she entered.

Cony Capelli. Source: Instagram @conycapelli

What makes the case Cony Capelli Even more interesting is that it is represented by Suro Solar, an expert in the world of reality boys. This prior advice has given him an edge in the game, but it has also raised curiosity about his compensation. According to our sources, Cony Capelli would be earning around 2 and a half million pesos per month for her participation in Big Brother. It is important to mention that salaries may vary depending on the conditions agreed upon with the production of the program, so each participant may have a different agreement.

But who is Cony Capelli beyond your participation in the program? Constanza Segovia, her real name, is a 27-year-old model and dancer who resides in Providencia. Her story has an emotional twist, since before entering Big Brother, she dedicated herself to classical ballet, a discipline that she considered her passion. However, the intensity of the preparation and the emotional pressure on her led her to retire from ballet at age 18. During her time as a model, she faced personal challenges and immersed herself in excess and partying to deal with the grief of leaving her ballet career behind.

Cony Capelli. Source: Instagram @conycapelli

Nowadays, Cony Capelli She feels renewed and focused on her work. Despite the obstacles in her path, she has found happiness in her current life. Her participation in Big Brother Chile has not only given her visibility, but also an opportunity to continue pursuing her dreams and build a promising future in the world of entertainment. In short, Cony Capelli has been a prominent figure on Big Brother Chile, and her monthly salary of approximately 2 and a half million pesos is a reflection of her success on the program.