Take a seat before knowing how much the luxurious car of Marcelo Ríos, who conquered Daniela Aránguiz, is worth

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz He is usually at the center of controversy due to his actions and statements on the program “Zona de Estrellas” where he is a panelist with his colleague Adriana Barrientos, among others. She is also the ex of Jorge Valdivia It is very popular on social media.

Daniela Aranguiz he accumulates almost a million followers from all latitudes who closely follow his movements and publications. It was here that Jorge Valdivia’s ex liked a photo of the tennis player Marcelo Rios next to a luxury purple Lamborghini Huracán STO.

Netizens attacked Daniela Aranguiz and they treated her interested in placing like a car Marcelo Rios but the influencer exploded in fury and said: “One, if I want to peel, I peel who I want because I am a single woman, which is not the case because I put a heart on a car, and I don’t need to be taken out for a back because I have a car just as bakan as the Chino”.

The car of Chino Ríos. Source: instagram @marceloriosoficial

Finally Daniela Aranguiz he wanted to end the topic by saying: “If I want tomorrow, I’ll go and buy the same car as him. Chinese Rivers… so nothing interested, it hurts whoever hurts, because not all women are the same.” But the controversy continued for a few days.

The car of Chino Ríos. Source: instagram @marceloriosoficial

The truth is that the luxurious car of the Chinese Rivers that loved Daniela Aranguiz It is valued at approximately 338,577 euros. The Huracán STO is the most expensive car in the range of the Italian brand Lamborghini. The tennis player commented on the net: “The purple beast finally arrived” and revealed that the identification of the car bears his initials.