Take a seat before knowing the unexpected figure that Clara Chía could win when talking about Piqué and Shakira

Since her romance with Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia Marti has not had peace. In addition to being persecuted by papparazzi and spending a long stay locked up in her house, the publicist has had to endure countless memes on social networks every time Shakira refers to her or releases a new song.

Until now Clara Chia Marti He has preferred a low profile, has closed his social networks and only appears with Gerard Piqué when the athlete asks him to, but when it comes to standing in front of a microphone, he is the one who speaks. No journalist has managed to get his phone number and we don’t know if the blonde has a press agent.

The truth is that now there are several Spanish television programs looking for Clara Chia Marti to have her as a guest and for her to tell her version of the events and who knows, she may even respond to Shakira publicly after she dedicates songs and phrases to her like “There is a place reserved in hell for those women who do not support others “.

Clara Chia Marti. Source: Terra archive

The medium X Catalonia revealed that: “Many programs have proposed to Clara Chia grant an interview, so that she explains her version, thus confirming the two extremes. The offers amount to more than one million euros.” But for the moment the publicist has declined all of them.

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué. Source: Terra archive

“I would have rejected them all. Along with Pique, He will not have a problem with money and, in addition, they are happy and he prefers to be faithful to him. They want privacy and respect. They want to be able to live life normally”, comments the same medium about the unbeatable offer he received Clara Chia Marti. Now Shakira can rest easy!