Take a seat before knowing what Karol G would look like if she were a man, according to Artificial Intelligence

Karol G is one of the most important Colombian singers in Latin America and who has earned the love of thousands of fans in various parts of the world due to her songs. Although her career began several years ago, it was in the last year and a half that it has been important to her. La Bichota, along with Shakira, are the two most prominent Latin artists of the moment. In turn, an image of how she would be the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ went viral on social networks if she were a man according to the Artificial intelligence.

The 32-year-old Colombian singer began her career a few years ago, but it was in the last year and a half that she Carol G. He began to gain popularity thanks to what was his tour ‘Bichota World Tour’ with which he toured the most important cities in the world. Later, La Bichota surprised everyone with her hair color change and once again conquered the most prominent stages, thus becoming the most listened to Latina of all. Thanks to the release of her latest album, she managed to reach the top of digital platforms.

Karol G is one of the most important singers of all. Source Instagram @karolg

In one of his latest Instagram posts, Carol G. brought to light a series of images from his adolescence, when he was 18 years old and still in his last year of high school. The images are dated 2005 and the appearance was totally different from how she currently looks. La Bichota received thousands of comments who were surprised by her appearance.

Carol G as a young man. Source Instagram @karolg

What also caught the attention of all the fans was that an image of what it would look like was spread Carol G. according to Artificial Intelligence. This new technology has been around for a while and has revealed what various celebrities would look like on the opposite sex or the children of some famous couples. Some of the comments compared the Colombian singer with Juanes.

This is how Karol G would be a man according to Artificial Intelligence. Source Instagram @trapitoscalientesoficial

According to Artificial intelligence and the images of Karol G in the male version, the algorithms can only make predictions based on the information at their disposal. In addition, physical changes, much less in people’s diet or lifestyle, will not be counted.