Take a seat before learning how much Pampita’s husband pays his restaurant employees

Roberto Moritan, current deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, was harshly criticized during his participation in a television program. Before the cameras, the husband of the Argentine model referred to the serious national economic situation that the country is going through. However, the husband of pampita By revealing the salary of his restaurant employees, he was rained on by strong criticism on social networks.

the husband of pampita He spoke of inflation and the complex economic situation. In relation to this, they asked her the value of the salary of her employees in her restaurants and her response opened a strong controversy on social networks. “I don’t know, it could be in the order of $70,000, plus the tip should be $80,000. It depends on the position, right? I’m talking about a salary with which you start, ”said Moritán after hesitating for a few seconds in the Public Opinion program on channel Nine.

Roberto García Moritán received strong criticism after his time on television. Source: Instagram @robergmoritan

Upon hearing the figure that the husband of the ex of Benjamin Vicuna, after having lamented the economic situation of the Argentines, twitter users did not hesitate to respond strongly. Some of the comments referred to him mentioning that the tip is a part of the salary, a usual strategy in the field of gastronomy.

Some of the comments written on the little bird network criticizing the husband of pampita: “Moritan, a gastronomic type. He is black and thinks that the tip is part of the salary…”, “The tip is not a salary, it is not paid by the employer”, “Pampita’s husband is a champion. He says that in Argentina the Salaries are very low and he immediately confesses that he pays salaries of $70,000. With businessmen like you, salaries will never go up” or “Caradura 70,000 thousand pesos. That’s how they are. They get rich with abuse and low wages.”

Roberto and Pampita at the solidarity gala of Asociar. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

The host of the program at the end of the participation of the husband of the former de vicuna made a clarification to the sayings of the legislator. “Nobility obliges: Roberto García Moritán clarified – as soon as the program finished – that the partners called him to correct it. That it is not an issue that he handles directly and that the floor in his restaurant is 120 thousand pesos ”.