Take a seat before learning the filth of living with Matt Damon: there was "worms" according to Affleck

Ben Affleck made a shocking revelation in “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, where he talked about the unpleasant things he had to put up with when he shared an apartment with his friend Matt Damon early in their acting careers.

The Hollywood star explained that together with his brother casey affleck, they tried to go on a “strike” to force Matt to clean and keep the apartment in order. According to Ben, the plan failed because Damon didn’t clean for two weeksand when he finally cared, he was shocked to see the mess he had created.

“We were like, ‘We submit, you’re so good. We can’t beat you,'” Ben said, remembering his reaction to Matt’s carelessness.

But that was not all, the apartment it was full of trash and spoiled food leftoverscausing Ben and his brother to have to clean the whole place once more. “There were maggots,” Ben said, describing the putrefactive state of the food.

The “Argo” star explained that Matt he did not realize the state of dirt in which he livedand simply I would ask Ben and Casey what was going on when I saw that they were upset. Ben explained that his friend has the ability to “block things out” mentally and that’s why he didn’t notice the situation.

Ben also revealed that Matt I wasn’t very responsible when it came to paying the billsand that even when they shared a joint bank account, he had to remind her that bills had to be paid on time. “Matt has never paid a bill to this day,” Ben quipped.

Despite all the bad stuff, Ben described Matt as a “beautiful” and “brilliant” guyadding that his wife, Lucy Barroso, he deserves a place in heaven for having to deal with it.

Ben and Matt began living together in Los Angeles to save money while trying to get their acting careers off the ground. But although they shared good times together, Ben made it clear that I would not suggest moving back in with your friend.