Take a seat before listening to Ben Affleck speaking fluent Spanish: "He talks better than Jlo"

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, but his latest feat has left many fans in awe. The actor demonstrated his fluency in Spanish during an interview on the Spanish radio station Cadena SER, leaving everyone impressed.

During the interview, Affleck talked about his latest movie “Air” and Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike. But what caught the attention of many was his ability to speak Spanish fluently, even expressing complex ideas in the language.

Ben Affleck meets Michael Jordan

In the interview, Affleck also revealed that he met with Michael Jordan before the filming of “Air.” According to the actor, he did not want to shoot the film without the approval of the famous basketball player, whom he considers a legend.

During their meeting, Affleck asked Jordan what the most important parts of the story were to him. One of Jordan’s requests was for Viola Davis to play the role of her mother in the film.

Reactions on social networks

The video of Affleck speaking Spanish has gone viral on social media, with many users expressing surprise and admiration for his language skills. One of the most common comments is that he “talks better than Jlo”, referring to Affleck’s partner, Jennifer Lopez.

Other users have commented on the way Affleck speaks Spanish, some comparing him to a “ranchero” and others saying he speaks like a “boricua”. However, everyone agrees that his linguistic ability is impressive.

In short, Ben Affleck’s linguistic ability has left many in awe and surprise. His fluency in Spanish has shown that he is a talented actor and director in every way, capable of expressing himself in several languages ​​and captivating audiences with his presence.