Take a seat before seeing how Anuel AA reacted when asked about Karol G

The Puerto Rican singer anuel aa 30-year-old became the father of Cattleya a few days ago, along with his ex-wife Yailin, the most viral. When the artist announced his separation without giving too many details, the public immediately associated him with the intentions of the urban genre reference with his ex-girlfriend, Carol G.

But that hasn’t happened yet Carol G. seem to have gotten over the separation anuel aa Or at least that’s what he says in his songs. The truth is that in the singer’s most recent public appearance, a reporter asked him if he was still in love with Bichota and he did not react well at all.

“Congratulate Carol G. for success in his career. Your song is clearly for her,” the journalist tells her in the middle of a clip that is already viral on social networks and anuel aa he replies, “You broke up, you broke up. Pose for you to go viral,” while hugging him and looking at the cameras.

At the reporter’s insistence that anuel aa confess that you are still in love with Carol G., the ex-husband of Yailin the most viral comments: “That question is with bad intentions, that’s why you are suffocating. God is making you pay.” Immediately after, she continues walking to get into her car.

the attitude of anuel aa makes it clear that he does not want to talk about his relationship or his feelings towards Carol G.. Meanwhile, her ex Yailin, the most viral, teaches on social networks how quickly she recovered her figure after giving birth to Cattleya and does so to the rhythm of the song “Richer than yesterday” by her ex-husband .