Take a seat before seeing how Jessica, Karol G’s sister, sings

Colombian singer Carol G The 31-year-old is one of the most listened to Latin artists in the world and this week she surprised everyone by changing her traditional light blue hair for reddish hair. As she explained on social networks, this is part of a new stage in her life.

The truth is Carol G she is not the only one who has a great talent in her family but her sister Jessica He has just shown on his social networks that he also likes music and that he has an interesting voice range to sing classic songs in front of his followers.

Jessica Giraldo shared a short video on the social network of the little camera in which you can hear how she sings the song “Vivo por ella” by Andrea Bocelli and Marta Sanchez, but she is not seen on stage. “I had no one to record me” warned the sister of Carol G along with the material that quickly went viral.

It is not known why but Jessica unlike her sister Carol G She took another path and is not dedicated to music but is a lawyer and in her social networks she defines herself as an entrepreneur. Apparently singing is a constant in Bichota’s family since her father also practices it from time to time.

Jessica Giraldo. Source: instagram @yegiraldo_

The father of Carol G He released his first song in 2019 and called it ‘Pa’ fue’, it is a salsa and already accumulates nearly 600 thousand views on YouTube. She then premiered in 2020 and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic the song “Chao, well” and since then she has not shown new works.