Take a seat before seeing how much the shirt that Coté Lopez gave Ricardo Arjona costs

Ricardo Arjona is one of the most important Latin singers of all and has managed to sell more than 20 million records in his career and has been named one of the most successful artists in Latin America. The Guatemalan was visiting our country giving some concerts and in one of them he received a special gift from the businesswoman and influencer Cote Lopez who gave him a shirt. In recent days, the real value of clothing has been spread.

After several years without publishing any new album, in 2021 Ricardo Arjona he returned to launch a new album called ‘Blanco’. Later and after the pandemic ended, the Guatemalan singer undertook a tour of several countries around the world, including Argentina, Mexico and also our country. The interpreter of ‘Mujeres’ has won countless awards throughout his career, including two silver seagulls from the Viña del Mar International Festival.

Ricardo Arjona, Guatemalan singer. Source Instagram @ricardoarjona

Ricardo Arjona He visited our country to give a concert and there he received the visit of several celebrities, including those of Luis Jiménez and his wife, the businesswoman and influencer Coté López, who gave him a garment that the singer later wore in a video on his social networks. and caused a furor in the 33-year-old model.

Coté López, businesswoman. Source Instagram @cotelopezm

In one of the images, you can see Ricardo Arjona wearing a dodger shirt, which is part of the clothing line that Coté López owns. In relation to this, the businesswoman stated that she has a value of 20 thousand pesos. On the other hand, the singer shared a video playing the piano and wearing a Louis Antoine brand muscle shirt, a brand that the influencer has with her husband.

Arjona playing the piano wearing one of the shirts that Coté López gave him. Source Instagram @ricardoarjona

In the last days, Cote Lopez She was compared to fellow Argentine businesswoman Wanda Nara for her resemblance, and an Argentine tiktoker shared five photos on his TikTok that demonstrate the similarity between the two, which sparked debate on social networks.

The shirt that was given to Coté López. Source Instagram @louisantoinecl