Take a seat before seeing how much Yailin La Más Viral’s sister earns on OnlyFans

the dominican singer Yailin, the most viral, stopped concentrating on the controversies that surround her with her husband Anuel AA on social networks and focused fully on her career. Without going any further, she has just launched a new collaboration with Farina and La Insuperable called “Soy madre remix”, and she has already accumulated millions of reproductions.

The truth is that the romance with Anuel AA meant the jump to fame for Yailin, the most viral and also to his family. The singer has an older sister named Kimberly Guillermo Diaz which is all the rage on the web and especially on the paid adult content platform, Only Fans.

Kimberly Guillermo Diaz calling itself ‘Mommy Kim’ on the net and on instagram alone, he accumulates more than 156 thousand followers from all corners of the world who are attentive to his publications. For them, the sister of Yailin, the most viral Share your best poses and looks.

Mommy Kim. Source: instagram @mamikim_real

But the real asset of ‘Mommy Kim’ is the Only Fans platform, there Kimberly Guillermo Diaz At only 23 years old, he has more than 100,000 followers to whom he charges a monthly subscription of 10 dollars, for which he harvests more than a million dollars on that social network alone.

Mommy Kim. Source: instagram @mamikim_real

‘Mommy Kim’ She is very daring in her poses and posts despite being the single mother of a girl she had a few years ago as a result of a toxic relationship, just like the sister of Yailin, the most viral, defined in an interview for the YouTube channel Capricorn TV. Anuel AA’s sister-in-law was imprisoned for buying and consuming weed some time ago, but now she is in a new stage of her life where she has become a social media entrepreneur.