Take a seat before seeing how the girl protagonist of the Turkish soap opera currently looks like "Mother"

Turkish soap operas are one of the most requested productions in the region. In 2018, the telenovela premiered “Mother” starring Turkish actress Beren Gökyildiz,who gave life to Melek and who at that time was only 7 years old and captivated the public with his interpretation.

The story of “Mother” told the harsh life of a girl who was not loved by her parents and considered a burden, and therefore wanted to escape and live with her teacher Zeynep Güne played by the star Cansu Dere, who was the only one capable of giving her love and attention what i needed

The truth is that after his performance in “Mother”, Beren Gökyildiz He starred in another plot in the soap opera “And you, who are you?” and by that time she was already 11 years old. There she also did very well and that opened the doors of other works such as a participation in “Muzice Doktor”.

Beren Gökyildiz. Source: instagram @berengokyildiz_official

Beren Gökyildiz she also got the leading role in “The girl of the green valley”, the Turkish version of the famous series “The Good Doctor” and had a cameo in the Netflix series, “Anne with an E”. There is no doubt that she is a great actress and that at a young age she knew what her path was.

At the moment Beren Gökyildiz She is 13 years old and in addition to acting, she is a fan of dancing and surprises with funny videos on Tik Tok where she is very good at doing choreography. The teenager herself loves the K-pop genre and her favorite bands are BlackPink, Twice and Stray Kids.