Take a seat before seeing what Karol G’s luxurious new car looks like

Singer Carol G. 32 years old is one of the most popular artists in the world and everything she does becomes a success thanks to her huge fandom that follows her in person and online. She is currently enjoying the success of her new album ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’ and is preparing to face a new international tour.

Carol G. She is very active on social networks and on Instagram alone she accumulates more than 62 million followers who are aware of her publications and news. For them, La Bichota shares her commercial and musical news as well as her best poses and looks.

This week, Carol G. He surprised everyone by showing his new and luxurious car on his Instagram stories. This fanaticism of the Colombian for collecting cars was evident during her romance with anuel aa when both gave each other vehicles of different ranges and brands and posed next to them.

In recent times there has been talk of a possible return between Karol G and Anuel AA since he dedicated a song to her and said he was jealous because she has a boyfriend, but La Bichota instead of playing along with the Puerto Rican, deleted all the photos that remained of them together as a couple from the network.

Karol G. Source: Terra archive

The truth is Carol G. These days he enjoys a luxurious car that he surely bought with the money he earns from his successful work around the world. It is a pink sports car from the Ferrari brand that has matching neon lights at the bottom. The cost of this machine is unknown but it is probably millions of dollars.