Take a seat before seeing what Lila Morillo looked like at 24

actress and singer Lilac Morillo 82 years old was the first wife of the renowned Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez. Together they had two daughters Liliana Rodríguez Morillo and Lilibeth Morillo who have been estranged from her father for several years because he formed another family with Carolina Pérez.

The truth is Lilac Morillo It always had its own light and has already accumulated more than six decades of experience in the entertainment industry. She is quite a figure both in Venezuela and in the region and currently far from retiring, she is still on stage with two daughters.

Secondly, Lilac Morillo She is very active on social networks and on Instagram alone she accumulates more than 127 thousand followers from all corners of the world who do not lose track of her actions. Now, for them, the former Puma Rodriguez shared a clip in which she is seen at the age of 24 in the movie ‘Isla de Sal’.

“The movie Isla de Sal! What a beautiful memory of my beginnings! I always involved my family in everything I did, and I included my brothers as soon as I could! And there they were! My first steps in acting together To Grandes!! Doris Wells!! Simón Días!! Orange Delfín!!! And Efraín de la Cerda!!! Directed by Clemente de la Cerda!!! And as if that were not enough… music by the great Hugo Blanco!!!! And Nothing more! How many great ones! And how many memories !! “, he wrote Lilac Morillo next to the black and white video.

Lila Morillo. Source: Terra archive

Immediately fans of Lilac Morillo reacted to the publication and the eldest daughters of the Puma Rodriguez also. Liliana Rodríguez told him: “You were a child mother! Watching over your loved ones! You had no childhood… but what does it matter… you are still a child!” and Lilibeth commented: “Wonderful, genius and figure”.