Take a seat before seeing what Luca Bertoldi, the eldest son of Zulemita Menem, looks like today

Zulema Menem 51 years old is the older half-sister of Maximo Bolocco Menem the relations between them are not quite right since there are problems in the will left by their father and ex-husband of Cecilia Bolocco and the Chilean has complications to receive his part.

The truth is Zulema Menem He continues with his life in Argentina and shows it a little on his social networks, where he already has more than 100,000 followers who do not want to miss a single detail of his routine. She recently surprised everyone by showing how her two children grew up.

The half sister of Maximo Bolocco Menem published on the social network of the camera a photo in which she is seen with her mother Zulema Yoma and her two children Luca Bertoldi who is 18 years old and the minor Malek Pocoví who is 9. The reason for the postcard is Luca’s graduation.

Zulema Menem’s family. Source: instagram @zulemamenem

Luca is the first child she had Zulema Menem with the Italian businessman Paolo Bertoldi, he recently turned 18, is a fan of River and bears an enormous physical resemblance to Carlos Jr, Zulema’s brother who died in 1995 in a tragic plane crash during his father’s presidency in Argentina.

Luca Bertoldi. Source: instagram @luca.bertoldimenem

Luca is a fan of the fitness life, but he is also a musician since he plays the saxophone. In his spare time he practices outdoor sports such as rugby and is also starting out in the world of motorsports. In his social networks he has more than 15 thousand followers but he is very careful in his publications since the son of Zulema Menem You want to take care of your privacy.