Take a seat before seeing what Michelle Salas looked like before the surgeries

The model and influencer michelle halls 33 years old is one of the most followed and sought after women on social networks for her talent and beauty. She is also the eldest daughter of Luis Miguel but I don’t need his father’s fame or the weight of his mother’s last name to make his own way.

michelle halls She knew since she was a child that she wanted to dedicate herself to fashion and that she had a deep love for the catwalks. She focused on it, even though her life was marked by the twists and turns in her relationship with her father, Luis Miguel, and managed to reach the top in the world of trends.

Currently, michelle halls She accumulates almost two million followers from all corners of the world on the little camera social network and from there she shares her best looks, poses and beauty tips that are taken into account by her virtual fandom. In addition, the model is the face of important advertising campaigns that are looking for her to promote her products.

Michelle Salas. Source: Terra archive

The truth is michelle halls She has undergone a major physical transformation over the years and if you compare the photos, she looks quite different than she did 10 years ago. Although she has never confessed it, it is clear that the daughter of Luis Miguel has gone through the operating room.

Michelle Salas. Photo: Twitter @armandorubin

On the postcards you can see how refined her nose is now as well as her cheekbones. the lips of michelle halls They have also undergone some changes and of course as time goes by she has perfected and improved her style, dressing in a distinguished way by the best and most important designers.