Take a seat before seeing what Miguel Garcés looks like, 20 years after "Red"

the reality show Red It was one of the most watched productions in the region as it put dancers and singers to compete before an audience that had not missed an edition for five years. The truth is that great figures came from there that today shine within the world of entertainment.

An example of this is the singer Miguel Garces who came second in the final of Red in 2003. Mario Guerrero was the winner but Mon Laferte was in third position behind Garcés. When he finished the program, the artist decided to make a career but abroad.

Miguel Garces he settled in Mexico and there he participated in “Latin American Idol” in 2007. Little by little he gained an important place within the music scene and worked with people from the team of Alejandra Guzmán and Alejandro Sanz, but his greatest achievement was sharing stage with Fey.

Miguel Garces. Source: instagram @soymiguelgarces

Miguel Garces He was part of a series of shows by the Mexican singer at the National Auditorium and served as a showgirl. In parallel, the artist made a career as a soloist and in 2020 she rose to fame with a version of the Christmas carol “Santa Claus came to town”.

Miguel Garces and his daughter. Source: instagram @soymiguelgarces

Miguel Garces He continues to work within the artistic world and last year he released the song “Identidad” that continues to accumulate views on YouTube. In addition, her daughter is a dancer and her name is Fernanda Garcés, the young woman is part of the program “Aquí se baila” and together they have shared the stage.