Take a seat before seeing what Yailin La Más Viral looks like in a swimsuit, almost a month after being a mother

On March 13, almost a week after International Women’s Day, Yailin The Most Viral He announced on his social networks that he had become the mother of Cattleya, his daughter with Anuel AA. “Welcome to the world, CATTLEYA little princess! From the moment you arrived, our lives were forever changed. You are a blessing, a gift from God that has filled us with love and hope,” the singer greeted the little girl.

Just a couple of days ago Yailin He announced that he is about to start a new moment in his life, although he did not clarify details. “I am happy to embark on a new stage in my life! This is the beginning of an exciting journey towards personal growth and achieving my goals” she began by saying.

“Each start brings with it new opportunities and possibilities, and although it can be intimidating, it is also an adventure to learn, grow and discover new skills and strengths” closed the post the former de anuel aaalthough he did not explain if it is a new song or a project of another nature.

Yailin La Más Viral in a swimsuit. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

In the last few hours, the Dominican artist posted on her official Twitter account instagram a photograph where she is seen posing in front of the mirror in a purple one-piece swimsuit. Far from being carried away by the shame or modesty of showing her body a week after being a mother, she showed off her full body, with her black hair smoothed.

Yailin La Más Viral in a swimsuit. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

In the post, Yailin He left a purple heart emoji as the caption and limited the comments, probably to avoid some criticism from the haters. Even in stories, he also posted a pic of the same style, but this time posing in profile and revealing his prominent front.