Take a seat before you see what Cristián de la Fuente looked like more than 30 years ago, when he rose to fame

The actor Christian de la Fuente 49 years old is one of the most recognized artists in the country with international projection. the husband of angelica castro He has more than three decades of career since he debuted before the cameras when he was very young, when he was 18 years old he appeared in the “Super mino” contest of Luz Verde.

Christian de la Fuente She took her first steps as a model and came to the contest led by Andrea Tessa to model before the public. There she was surprised by her beauty, sympathy and talent, after the exposure she had in this production, she participated in others such as “Come With Me” and the soap opera “Eclipse de luna”.

Today the fans of Christian de la Fuente They do not stop viralizing a clip that shows him in his beginnings where both his face and his physique are quite different. After these first steps on television, Laura de la Fuente’s father directed his career towards acting.

Christian de la Fuente, which today has more than a million and a half followers on social networks, was discovered by the producer of Salma Hayek during a visit by the Mexican to Chile, which got her into Hollywood and the United States with small shares in important films.

Cristian de la Fuente. Source: instagram @iamdelafuente

Christian de la Fuente he worked in Mexico in the ’90s and also gained popularity there becoming an important figure in soap operas. In 2002 she married angelica castro and they had Laura the only daughter of the couple. Last year he was seen kissing another woman and it was thought that the separation was coming but for the moment none of that happened.